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Paul and Marybeth Dawes, Owners
254 Lower Woodville Road
Natchez, Mississippi  39120

At the end of a long winding gravel driveway shaded with trees lies one of the best kept secrets in the South...Gilead Arabian Farm and a herd of  beautiful purebred Spanish Arabian horses.  Family owned and operated, Gilead is situated on 25 acres within the city limits of historic Natchez, Mississippi.  While most folks in Natchez are interested in preserving the many pre civil war homes, we are focused on preserving the exceptional bloodlines of the Spanish Arabian horse. 

Originally used by the Spanish government as mounts for their military, only the best of the best were kept for their breeding program.  Consequently what we have today is an Arabian with a unique ability to pass on the best traits of their ancestors.  Known for their beautiful dark eyes, athletic ability, gentle dispositions, and trainability, Spanish Arabians are versatile enough to perform in any discipline and gentle enough to be loved and handled by young and old alike.    

Whether you are looking for a special show horse, a surefooted trail or endurance mount, or just a backyard buddy, we may have just what you have been searching for.  As a registered "Discovery Farm" with the Arabian Horse Association, we welcome visitors who may not be in the market to buy, but just want to learn more about the Arabian breed.  We hope you will visit us and allow us to introduce you to our very special family of Spanish Arabians.